You love licorice - or you hate it.

Licorice makes you happy

For all who love liquorice, the liquorice heaven with its hundred varieties is a little paradise.

For all those who want to get to know us and our liquorice, we offer a great opportunity to get an overview with our tasting bags.

We offer licorice from all over Europe in many shapes and colours, sweet to salty, from gelatine-free to sugar-free: Here is the right liquorice for everyone. Whether you want to buy sweet licorice or you like it especially salty: You will find it with us. We offer taste combinations that you won't find anywhere else:

The root extract of the real liquorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) is called liquorice or licorice. The term is also used for products based on it.

Liquorice is also known as bear droppings in parts of Germany and Switzerland as well as in South Tyrol. These are mainly confectionery products that are consumed in the form of liquorice and brine.

Since the liquorice had to be brought in from the Near East, liquorice is known and appreciated especially in coastal regions. Its consumption is very widespread in the coastal regions of France, northern Italy, Scandinavia and England, for example. In Germany, liquorice used to be cultivated in different regions, especially in the south, but the cultivation declined sharply and is now only operated by individual private individuals and in Bamberg by the Bamberger Süßholz-Gesellschaft (Bamberg liquorice society).
For our 150g packaging we only use bags made of cellulose

Transparent cellophane is indispensable as a plastic-free packaging material in environmentally conscious households. Aesthetic due to its crystal-clear appearance, tasteless and at the same time environmentally friendly. These aspects let traditional cellophane just experience a comeback. Cellophane bags, pouches and foils are plastic-free, food-safe and biodegradable. After use, the uncoated cellophane can be composted or disposed of in waste paper, a valuable contribution to a plastic-free life! Plastic-free living with cellophane. Cellophane is waterproof and at the same time permeable to water vapour, a great advantage when packing food and fresh pastries. Residual moisture from food is released to the outside and the bottom bags or flat bags do not sweat from the inside. This makes the packaged goods look nicer, prevents mould growth and keeps them fresh for longer.